Custom Boards

We can offer you custom boards or design on your board!

If you want your own, unique board with a design that no one else has, it's no problem for us! Write to us and we will definitely make an appointment. For example, we can place your name and telephone number on the existing design in case the board is lost. You can have your own logo or anything else on the existing design, or you can have a complete custom design!

If you have any other special wish - harder/softer board, hybrid board with harder centr area and soft tips we are here for you! We can discouse your wishes and make our best for you!

So don't hesitate send us a message directly from our site!

Custom Barracuda Board - Laeti got a custom board built just for her! Lightweight carbon construction (2.2kg) - hard board center and soft tips ensure an unforgettable driving experience! If you want a custom board, let us know!