About Us

We are Barracuda Boards


Hi, my name is Lukáš Janda and I stand behind the Barracuda Boards brand. I will always take care of you personally and therefore every customer will receive maximum and 100% care! I look forward to seeing you!

We're a company that handmade kiteboards in Central Europe—in the Czech Republic.

Our boards are woodcores that we machine on precision CNC machines. Our boards have added materials such as fiberglass, carbon and combinations thereof. We design the designs ourselves and they are made of high-quality foil, which is resistant to UV radiation and does not lose its color and quality. All this allows us to control the quality of production 100%!

Our boards are suitable for beginners, advanced and for riders who are very experienced and will appreciate the quality of the boards. At your request, we are able to produce a board in a combination of carbon / glass materials with your design, with your logo, etc.

If you have any questions, special wishes or want a custom design, please Contact us.